By Ellen Bennett

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Fiona Campbell (5 Stars)

The story flows beautifully all the way through, with really engaging character development and glimpses into their pasts that are relevant and totally essential to the story. The premise of a community of up and coming lesbian artists and writers, and the generosity of a patron who just wants to help them fulfil their dreams is beautiful. Developing a safe cheap place for them to work, live, develop, and grow seems like the perfect way to use an inheritance for this purpose for her. During the renovations of the property there is a gruesome discovery, leading to the project being shut down. Further discoveries and disappearing workers leads to disillusionment about the whole thing, and the story really pops from there. Really enjoyed this book. I found I was totally engaged with all the characters and story right from the first page and didn't stop reading till finished. Await the second in the series with anticipation!

Format: PDF/ARC Reader

Kathleen m McNeely -(5 stars)

Compelling writing, well-developed characters, intriguing plotline. Loved it.

Format: Kindle Edition

Clare- (5 stars)

Great story, had me hooked all the way through! Loved the characters and the plot was always a surprise. Really looking forward to book 2!

Format: Kindle Edition

TechLover (5 Stars)

My career puts me deep in storytelling. I read a lot of scripts for theater and film and the first few pages are where exposition happens, true, but a lot of people miss the other point of an intro--to hook a reader/listener/viewer! Intros that are slow and overloaded with uninteresting details are a sure fire way to lose an audience. Bennett gets this. Pagodaville is quick and memorable from the very dirst page. No need to warm up to this book, instead you'll want to settle in somewhere because you might not be able to put it down!

Format: Soft Cover

Lisa Parker (5 Stars)

I was fortunate enough to meet Ellen Bennett shortly before this book came out. I had the pleasure of working intimately with her on a project that truly showed me the person she is inside. This book is funny, heart wrenching, dramatic, comedic, and a wonderful read. Both my husband who seldom reads thoroughly enjoyed it!

Format: Soft Cover

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Stay Tuned

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