the Ladies of Pagodaville

Book two of the pagodaville series synopsis

In Pagodaville, Book 1 of the series (circa 1980's), Lorna Hughes, Esq. makes a daring move to re-invent herself before everything falls apart in her life. Moving down to Florida from her home town of Cleveland, Ohio, Lorna purchases a busted up motel with six cabins to turn it into a collective for lesbian artists, musicians, and writers. The process goes smoothly until an unexpected situation threatens her journey; a dark history that is revealed during renovations where the key players are all in question.

In The Ladies of Pagodaville (the next installment of the Pagodaville Series), Lorna and her newfound family are ready to bring the artist collective dream to fruition. 

She has chosen four new tenants to come to the motel to work at their craft. You will meet PK Todd, the musician who needs to make a change in her style.  Alice Punston,  a talented artist who must work through a personal loss by creating new images on canvas. Lindy Sutton, a published graphic novelist in search of new material. And Mariella Vasquez, a published writer who embarks on a geographical cure to write on her next novel for NAIAD Press.  

Life unfolds for our central characters (Lorna, Doreen, Anya, Milton, Cheenah, Luis, Anita, Steve, Avril) as life does. You'll meet Esther, Uncle Vinnie, Georgie, Irene, and Horace. But, has Lorna truly cleaned the slate, or is there that keeps the history alive at the motel?

The only answer to handling the flaws in life is love.

And really, is there anything else that works?

See you at the motel in late summer 2020.