About Ellen Bennett

I AM...


absolutely relieved to finish this first installment in the Pagodaville trilogy. It has been a labor of love from its inception. 

The premise of the story is true.  

A while back I visited friends near St. Augustine, Florida, where they owned a winter get-away situated near an abandoned lot that was once a motel. 

Lore has it that the owner, a disgruntled lawyer from a big city, wanted to re-invent herself, so she changed her name (to something ethereal like Heavenia) and invited her lesbian friends to gather communally to live on love, and (most likely) mushrooms. 

Well, the whole thing tanked and the ladies who visited ended up living out of their VW vans until they moved on. 

I remember the hot and humid day I walked around the dusty, defunct property thinking, "Wouldn't this be a fun story if...?"

So, here we are.

Book One of the series will introduce you to Lorna, Jeanie, Avril, Cheenah, Anya, Milton, Luis, Anita, Steve, and a very hot biker babe with stunning blue eyes, Doreen. Fate brings these unlikely characters together. They work hard to breathe life back into the sagging property, but in doing so they unearth  a twisted past.

Mafia, murder, lesbians--and an odd assortment of friends. What could go wrong?

Book Two, The Ladies of Pagodaville,  will transport you back to the '80's, where you will live vicariously through more zany characters.  You'll meet musician PK Todd,  writer Sam Harper, illustrator Gloria 'Lindy' Sutton, and artist Alice 'Lucky' Punston.

And whaat?  Of course  there's a dog! Sam's 10 year old mutt, Bullseye a.k.a. Bean will capture hearts all around the compound.  

And we'll have some unlikely visitors as well, maybe even a UFO sighting on a hot summer night over the Atlantic while the ladies are roasting weenies and marshmallows on the beach...

It is anyone's guess as to the goin's -on at The Pagoda Motel.





I am a Medical Message Practitioner by trade. 

Back roads, abandoned warehouses, bridges, landscapes, and city grit, inspire the amateur photographer and musician in me. 

Shugah, my Harley Tri-Glide, affords me the freedom to hit the open road. Perspectives are a little different from the saddle of the bike; air feels fresher, landscapes and skies stretch on for miles, and life just feels a whole lot better as the road rushes by under my wheels.

I am an avid  supporter/lover of animals. We've had many over the years, our current 'kids' are Dietrich and Mambo. They are rescues and they have been my anchors for the years we have had them.  I can never get enough of their unconditional love and gentle eyes.

My shelves are lined with journals. I am, admittedly so, a journal whore. Some of the leather-bound books are still blank but like every good scribe, I know the empty pages will  eventually get filled. 

And pens...what writer does not have a favorite writing instrument? I am always on the hunt for the perfectly weighted pen. I may have struck gold at Levenger and Everyman.

So, when I re-read the years of journal entries, I realize that I was, am, a bit off. I tend to look at life through the lens of the absurd. Don't get me wrong, I can be just as serious and concerned about life as the next person, but...well...if we can't lampoon the life around us, then, what's left? 

I also dabble in  community theater. I've had some fun parts over the years. The stage is a safe zone for my inner wonkiness. Even when playing a serious role--which doesn't happen frequently-- it still feels like a perfect forum.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy the story. Feel free to comment or engage in spritely banter. I'm usually awake long after the rest of the family is safely tucked in and comfortably taking up most of the bed.