Brief Synopsis of Pagodaville

Circa 1980's: 

35 year old Lorna Hughes, Esq., is in a jam. She has hit her professional peak, her love life has taken a nose-dive, and all she wants to do is re-invent herself  before it gets too late.

She decides to start a collective for lesbian musicians, artists, and writers, where they can live relatively rent-free.

Lorna finds a dilapidated motel in Heatherton County, Florida, and with the help of a new-found family, turns the sagging property around.

As Lorna and her band of misfits work hard to breathe life back into the property, they encounter a few unexpected potholes along the way, revealing a twisted past.

Mafia, murder, lesbians,--and an odd assortment of friends. What could go wrong?